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Right Now in Stuff Mom Never Told You

HPV, the most common sexually transmitted disease in the US, affects both men and women. Could the vaccine that helps women combat HPV-related health problems also benefit men? Tune in to this podcast from to find out. See more »

Are breast implants linked to suicide?

Breast implants have become a common surgery across the developed world, but some believe there may be a link between breast implants and suicide. Take a closer look at this startling theory in the following podcast from See more »

Is first lady the hardest job in the world?

The position of first lady is one of the most unique and complex jobs in the United States. Tune in as Molly and Cristen take a close look at the first lady's intricate balance between innovation and protocol in this podcast from See more »

How did feminism evolve?

Join hosts Molly and Cristen as they trace the evolution of feminism -- from the suffrage movement to the modern online incarnations -- in this podcast from See more »

What does a feminist look like?

People have wildly divergent views of what a feminist is. Some eschew the label, while others adopt it readily. Why is feminist such a loaded word? Tune in to this podcast from to explore what feminism means today. See more »

Does perfume make you more attractive?

If you're like many women, you've spritzed on perfume before going out. But have you ever wondered what that sweet scent is really doing for you? Sniff out the science and stereotypes behind perfume in this podcast from See more »

Is my brain making me buy things I don't need?

Stereotypes peg women as shopaholics, but studies show that both men and women are susceptible to compulsive shopping. Discover how our brains -- and savvy marketers -- influence our purchases in this podcast from See more »

Will there ever be male birth control?

Several methods of male birth control, from implants to injections, are currently being tested. Tune in to this podcast from to find out how soon you'll be able to find male birth control in your local p harmacy. See more »

What is the lipstick indicator?

Can lipstick predict economic trends and consumer confidence? The lipstick indicator says it can. Find out if fashion and beauty really affect economic trends in this podcast from See more »

Should I donate my eggs?

Modern reproductive technology allows women to donate their eggs. Egg donation can be lucrative, but it's also complicated. Tune in as Molly and Cristen discuss the details of egg donation in this podcast from See more »

Is there a gender wage gap?

Statistics show that female workers still bring home less bacon than men. Tune in to this podcast from to hear Molly and Cristen debate possible causes of this gender wage gap and ways to address it. See more »

Do you really need to have a period every month?

Advances in birth control have made monthly menstrual periods optional, but is it healthy to skip periods? Check out this podcast from to weigh the pros and cons of skipping a monthly period. See more »

Are diamonds a girl's best friend?

Women and diamonds share a special bond, but have you ever wondered why? As it turns out, the answer has a lot to do with clever marketing. Explore the multifaceted history of diamonds in this podcast from See more »

Where do food cravings come from?

Whether you're longing for cupcakes or chicken wings, food cravings are to blame. Why do we hanker for certain foods? Do women crave more than men? Delve into the tasty topic of food cravings in this podcast from See more »

Is marriage a good investment?

Marriage has pros and cons, but is it a good investment? Check out this podcast from to find out how matrimony affects your bottom line, particularly if you're a woman. See more »

Do women dislike negotiation?

Are men and women socialized to pursue or avoid negotiation? This episode takes a look at the social factors influencing negotiation in this podcast from See more »

How Jealousy Works

Shakespeare referred to jealousy as a "green-eyed monster," a beastly emotion that brings out the worst in us. But why do we feel jealous? Are women more jealous than men? Find out how jealousy works in this podcast from See more »

How the Girl Scouts Work

Girl Scouts and their cookies are as American as apple pie, but where did they come from? Discover the sweet -- and sometimes controversial -- story of the Girl Scouts in this podcast from See more »

Does a lack of sleep make you fat?

When sleep eludes you, are you more prone to put on pounds? Science says yes. Explore the link between sleep and obesity in this podcast from See more »

What's the deal with pink and blue?

Traditionally, female infants in the US are dressed in pink, and males are dressed in blue -- but why? Tune in and learn more about the pink-and-blue phenomenon in this podcast from HowStuffWorks. See more »