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About Stuff Mom Never Told You

Hosted by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, Stuff Mom Never Told You is the audio podcast from HowStuffWorks that gets down to the business of being women from every imaginable angle. Fueled by boundless curiosity and rigorous research, Cristen and Caroline are girls-next-door gender experts who skillfully decode the biology, psychology and sociology of ladies and gents, from their evolutionary past to millennial present, to better understand all the Stuff Mom Never Told You.

About Cristen Conger

cristen-about_200 Cristen Conger is a senior staff writer and host for where she has worked since 2009. A journalism graduate from the University of Georgia, Cristen co-created Stuff Mom Never Told You after identifying a need for more intelligent digital media by and for women. Since then, she has grown Stuff Mom Never Told You into a multimedia brand, including a successful YouTube channel. Cristen also leverages her witty expertise in women and gender as a contributing writer for Refinery29, and her writing has additionally appeared on Jezebel, Huffington Post Women, MSNBC and ABC News.

About Caroline Ervin

caroline_about-200 Caroline Ervin is a podcast host, public speaker and editor with Since stepping into her role as co-host of Stuff Mom Never Told You, one of iTunes' top lady-centric podcasts, she's applied her journalism background to researching and speaking on issues of sexuality, health, history and pop culture - all through the lens of feminism and gender.

Stuff Mom Never Told You...LIVE!

Could your school, conference or event use some Stuff Mom Never Told You? Cristen and Caroline have conducted live podcasts, led workshops and keynoted on many women- and gender-related topics for a variety of audiences. Past speaking engagements include SXSW Interactive, Geekend, Digital Atlanta, U.S. Coast Guard Women's Symposium and Kronos Women's Leadership Forum.

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