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Dating Science: Bikini Season Makes Men Body-Snobby

collarbone-bearing sundresses

thigh-flaunting short-shorts

breast-bearing bikinis

a 2008 study

Rather, it's when women are bundled up in turtlenecks and jeggings that cover their happily unshaven and pale legs that men find ladybodies (another new term -- you're welcome, 21st-century vernacular!) most attractive. The researchers attribute this to the "contrast effect," a term that, alas, I didn't coin, which has a supply-and-demand-ish twist to it. Essentially, seeing less female flesh during the winter lowers men's attractiveness criteria, and vice versa during the summertime.

Which is yet another reason I wish that women's media et al would stop with its warnings about the imperative of having a rock-solid swimsuit season body. Here's some better advice: just wait around for the winter when men's "attractiveness criteria," as the researchers called it drops; talk about having your ladybody cake and eat it, too.

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