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Vintage Badvertising: Male Chauvinist Shoes

Courtesy: Business Insider

Maybe Hush Puppies shoe company was trying to toughen up its Basset Hound image with this 1971 ad targeting a very specific demographic: male chauvinist pigs. See, Hush Puppies didn't think being called a chauvinist was an insult at all. No, no, it simply meant you were a man, and, hopefully a well-heeled man in a snazzy pair of two-toned sneakers that look like bowling shoes. As the ad copy mansplains:

"Relax. When the "Libs" -- good burn, Hush Pups! -- call us names like that it really means they think we're rugged, masculine, virile. Like these new Hush Puppies..."

How very "yes means no," Hush Puppies. And, really, if this is the appropriate footwear for a self-proclaimed chauvinists, so be it; they might as well have clownish shoes to match their clownish sexism (good burn, me!).

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