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Why Some Guys Can't Handle Getting Turned Down

Regardless of the communication tactic, ultimately saying "no" can lead to a backlash of breakup proportions despite a relationship that never even existed... See more »

How American Men Won the Right to Go Topless

Men's brief fight to free their own nipples highlights the stark disparity in how we perceive these highly gendered bumpy flesh dots. See more »

Man Caves

Do men need domestic sanctuaries to escape the pressures of modern manhood? Welcome to man caves -- also known as mantuaries and manspaces -- for guys in search of a room of one's own. See more »

Men Were Fashion's First Models

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When Men Stopped Wearing Perfume

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What Happens When a Man Gets Catcalled

What happens when a man gets catcalled? He gets angry, disgusted and even hostile toward the catcaller; in other words, he experiences the storm of negative emotions and disturbing sense of vulnerability many women experience every time they step foot on a sidewalk. See more »

Greek Brotherhood

How did Greek fraternities become a part of college life? Cristen and Caroline investigate the history of fraternities and how problems hazing, drinking and sexual assault threaten their future existence. See more »

The Men's Engagement Ring Fail of 1926

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The Short Guy Stigma

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Bros Cuddling Bros

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