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Statistical evidence suggests that men are very preoccupied with the size of their penises. But should they be? In this episode, Molly and Cristen examine statistics and syndromes and debunk some myths in their quest to answer this age-old question.

Traditionally, cooking has been considered a female task. Yet in the professional realm, men predominate. Why? Do men and women cook food differently? Molly and Cristen explore gender issues in the culinary world in this episode.

How has Title IX evolved?

Although Title IX is now associated with its impact on female athletics in educational arenas, the woman who spurred the law's passage had a different agenda. Molly and Cristen examine Title IX's origins, present and controversial future in this episode.

Before I get into the topic at hand, I should quickly point out that this isn't your average HowStuffWorks.com blog post. Typically, we don't include videos of ourselves yammering on about a blog topic, but in this instance, I wanted to demonstrate t ...

Foot binding is an ancient Chinese practice that was popular for centuries before it was outlawed in 1912. Molly and Cristen take a closer look at this extreme practice's history, cultural significance, controversies and side effects in this episode.

High Heels During Economic Lows?

Whither the economy goes, so goes women's fashion. At least that's the thinking behind armchair economic indicators, such as the A Perhaps Wall Street should take a cue from Carmen Miranda and adopt platforms as the financial district footwear du jou ...

In most modern cultures, it's traditional for men to propose marriage to women. But where did this tradition come from? Should women propose to men? Molly and Cristen investigate the origins and cultural significance of marriage proposals in this episode.

The quintessential Cosmo reader is supposed to be fun and Since all but four of the 20 after-dark dares involved underwear, some form of nudity, having a boyfriend or a combination of all three, I decided to take Cosmo up on number 17:"Haven't t ...

According to anecdotal evidence and some studies, women are often attracted to "bad boys" -- risk-taking, narcissistic types. Molly and Cristen discuss three personality traits that make bad boys (and girls) appealing in this episode.

Life According to Cosmo: How to Cook a Cosmo Snack

Although Cosmo is heavy on teaching readers how to be as conventionally pretty as possible, it also wants gal pals to eat, drink and be merry. To a point. The body consciousness that echoes throughout fashion and beauty features naturally boils over ...

Life According to Cosmo: How to Speak Body Language, Celebrity Edition

One of my favorite regular sections in Cosmopolitan and tabloids are the celeb couple Molly and I actually devoted an Cosmo's monthly body language page is called "The Real Story," and it stars Give up now, Reese. Look at your face in that ...

Last night, I started my Cosmopolitan I was surprised to see that the magazine devoted only one page to exercise since fitness is a staple among lady mags. Moreover, offering a routine solely devoted to perking up one's chest assumes that young reade ...

What's it like to have a baby in the NICU?

In this episode, Molly and Cristen explore how babies are cared for at a neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, and share tips for parents with children in the NICU.

Life According to Cosmo: How to Wear a Romper

These adult onesies made their comeback a couple summers ago, and now Cosmo reports that guys have jumped on the bandwagon and are simply dying to see women dressed up in the one-pieces. I'm skeptical of the claim since a) I couldn't find you a majority of women, much less men, who adore rompers, and b) I've never heard a man express interest rompers aside from the perplexing bathroom mechanics involved with wearing one. Not to mention that we don't know who these romper-crazy "guys" are who Cosmo supposedly commissioned to tell women what "fun fearless fashion" to wear this July.

Condoms have a surprisingly long and storied history, as well as lots of fun nicknames! Molly and Cristen take a detailed look at these popular prophylactics, past and present, in this episode.

Listener Scott pointed out that it might be hard for me to So Scott (and anyone else who's interested), here's your answer:A whopping 98 out of the 236 pages are full-page ads in the July Cosmo, which works out to about 41.5 percent of the pages.For ...

Life According to Cosmo Begins

The other night, I did something that I haven't done since my high school days. I plunked down on my front porch and read the ultra high-brow July issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Yes, that Cosmopolitan, aka the kneejerk metaphor for pretty much everything wrong with women's pop culture today. And no, it wasn't an affinity for cover girl Shakira that led me to fork over my hard-earned $4.29.

Can you die of a broken heart?

Someone who is suffering from emotional stress and pain is said to have a "broken heart," but only in a metaphorical sense. Sometimes, however, the damage can be physical. Find out how Broken Heart Syndrome works -- and if it's fatal -- in this episode.

Wonder Woman's Changing Clothes

What do you give a superhero to commemorate her 600th comic book? A new outfit, of course. On Wednesday, DC Comics revealed a revamped Wonder Woman with a revised background story and more modest crime-fighting clothes. Instead of the American flag-esque bustier and hot pants, Wonder Women will now wear full-coverage tights and a bolero over a higher-cut bustier.

Today female bartenders are common across America -- but this wasn't always the case. Join Molly and Cristen as they explore the history of women bartenders in the US, touching on feminism, employment rights, and the invention of the cosmo along the way.