Right Now in Stuff Mom Never Told You

Brett Kava-NAW?

Who is Trump's SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh? A&B try to find out. 

Women, Ambition, and Running for Office

A & B are joined by author Jo Piazza to talk about her new book and the challenges faced by women running for office. 

You Turns: Trailer

A & B introduce you to You Turns, a new show from HowStuffWorks. For anyone grappling with life changes, co-hosts Lisa Oz & Jill Herzig explore how to get fearless about transformation & actually enjoy the ride.

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SMNTY Classics: Wanderlust

A & B revisit a classic SMNTY episode by Cristen and Caroline about solo travel.

How Aretha Franklin's RESPECT Became a Take No Sh*t Anthem

A&B pay R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the Queen of Soul.

Complex PTSD and #MeToo

A & B talk about complex PTSD and mental health during the age of #MeToo.

SMNTY Classics: Is Catcalling Harassment?

A & B revisit the age-old question in this classic episode: Is Catcalling Harassment? Spoiler Alert: Yes.

Sexism and Tokyo Medical University

A recent investigation revealed that admission to a prestigious medical school in Japan was rigged to keep women out. A & B discuss the ramifications, as well as sexism in Japan and the medical field at large.

When a Feminist is Accused of a Sex Crime

Feminist professor Avital Ronell has been accused of sexual harassment. Here's what it means.

SMNTY Classics: Women and White Supremacy

A year after Charlottesvile, A & B revisit this episode looking into the women of white supremacy with the help of journalist Laura Smith and entrepreneur/activist Marissa Jenae Johnson.

France Just Made Catcalling Illegal

A&B break down France's new law.

A lot of women are having bad sex

Research shows women are having bad sex. Here's what it means.

SMNTY Classics: Summer of Beyonce

A&B revisit this episode on Beyonce in light of her Vogue cover.

It's okay to travel by yourself

More and more women are traveling solo. Here's why.

Why do women change their names after marriage?

A&B dive into the history (and tension) around changing your surname.

Cosplaying While Female

Anney is gearing up for DragonCon, so we're revisiting our favorite episode on ladies who cosplay.

Were you raised by a narcissist?

Were you raised by a narcissist? Here's how to spot a narcissist, even if it's your own parent.

Female Journalists are Under Attack in India

Female journalists in India are putting up with harassment, slut-shaming and worse.

SMNTY Classics: Miss America is Ditching the Swimsuit Competition

Some big changes are coming to the pageant world. A&B revisit what it means.

Meet the New Zealand Prime Minister Who Gave Birth in Office

She's only the second world leader to give birth in office. Here's what it means.