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SMNTY Classics: Halloween Slasher Spectacular!

Do slasher films glorify sex and violence toward women? What is the "final girl" archetype, and what can we learn from other slasher film tropes? Join Caroline and Cristen as they delve into the evolution of the slasher film genre.

Introducing Lethal Lit

Join teen detective Tig Torres as she returns to her small hometown of Hollow Falls, where her aunt was framed as a serial killer ten years earlier. With help from her new friends, Tig investigates the twisted mystery of the Lit Killer murders and broadcasts the findings on her true crime podcast. But as she gets closer to the truth, the killings, each based on murder scenes from classic literature, begin all over again...with her as the final target.

SMNTY Classics: What Not to Wear on Halloween

Halloween 'tis the season for creative costumes, but why do so many people wear racist, offensive outfits? Cristen and Caroline discuss cultural appropriation and how it impacts broader society not just during Halloween season.

Feminism of Running

Anney and guest co-host Allison Loudermilk swap personal running stories and talk about the feminism of running.

SMNTY Classics: Can You Have Sex with a Ghost?

Ke$ha claimed to have sex with a ghost, and the pop star is not alone in the claim. So why do people believe that incubi, succubi and ghosts lurk in the bedroom. Is sleep paralysis to blame for people’s reports of ghost sex?

SMNTY Classics: Women's Prisons vs. "Orange Is the New Black"

A recent report found that female inmates in the US are far likelier to be disciplined than male inmates. Learn more about women's prisons, and the accuracy (or not) of "Orange is the New Black" in this classic episode.

Invisible Illness

Millions of people are dealing with invisible illness, possibly not even knowing it. Guest co-host and contributor Yves Jeffcoat discusses women with invisible illnesses.

SMNTY Classics: The Sweaty History of the American Gym

If you wanted a deeper dive into the history of gyms and health spas after our recent episode on gym-timidation, we've got just the classic episode for you.

SMNTY Classics: Can Science Fiction Save the World?

For the first time, a woman has the role of famous sci-fi character Dr. Who. In this classic episode, we talk about how science fiction can be a force for change.

Mother, Destroyer

Guest co-host Julie Douglas stops by to talk about her role as mother, and as destroyer.

SMNTY Classics - Problematic Faves: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift recently made the news by breaking her silence around politics. We look back at Taylor Swift's feminism in this classic episode.

SMNTY Classics: Sexy Halloween Costumes, Why?

A sexy Handmaid's Tale costume caused quite the controversy recently, but when did costumes for women get the sexy treatment? We look into in this classic episode.

Why Didn't You Believe Her?

Horror fans Anney and guest co-host Lauren Vogelbaum talk about the horror movie trope of not believing women, and how it relates to #BelieveHer.

SMNTY Classics: Angry Women

We've had a lot of high profile examples of anger lately, and our gendered responses to them. In this classic episode, we revisit angry women, and our perceptions of them.

SMNTY Classics: Inside Ireland's Fight for Abortion Access

The 8th amendment banning abortion in the Republic of Ireland has been formally repealed. A & B look back at the history leading up to this point in this classic episode.

Sexism and Gym-timidation

Sexism at the gym is keeping women from working out. A & B talk some history, some gym fashion, weightlifting, and how to make things better.

Gender Based Harassment Doesn't Have to be Sexual

As more details come out about the level of ousted CBS head Les Moonves' wrongdoings, one thing is clear - gender based harassment doesn't have to be sexual.

SMNTY Classics: The Anita Hill Effect

The allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is reminiscent of Anita Hill's testimony in 1991. A & B revisit this case and some of the similarities. 

A Herstory of Women Pretending to be Men

Throughout history, women have pretended to be men to enter spaces where they weren't welcome. A & B discuss some of the most famous cases, and ideal-casting for the inevitable future movies about them.

Don’t Make Mac Miller’s Death About Ariana Grande

The Yoko Effect strikes again.