10 Signs You're Not Happy

Change in Sex Drive

Most of us would understand that when we're really not feeling hot, we don't get very hot either.

Interestingly, sex is tied to happiness in a surprising number of ways. It's hard to say if not having sex makes someone unhappy, but we can point to several studies that indicate having more sex leads to a more positive outlook [source: Alexander]. There was even a 2002 SUNY Albany study that showed that women who had unprotected sex had lower levels of depression than women who used condoms or abstained from sex [source: Abbasi].

A University of Colorado Boulder professor also released a paper that used national survey data to find that those who had a higher frequency of sexual encounters reported a happier outlook in general [source: University of Colorado Boulder]. He also saw that no matter how often people reported having sex, if they thought they were having sex less than their peers, they reported lower happiness.

So not only a lack of sex drive, but also a perceived lack of sex might be a trigger that you're not doing so hot, emotionally.