5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Feminist

If you're anything like me, you still haven't done your Christmas shopping, and you're getting super anxious about it. Like, nervous-sweat anxious. I mean, what are you supposed to get for all of those amazing people in your life who've supported and loved you over the past year? How are you supposed to ring in any holiday cheer if you can't even figure out how to celebrate?

The gift-giving panic stops here. I've scoured the Internet (and asked a whole lotta people on Twitter) and have come up with a bangin' list of feminist-focused gifts for the loves in your life.

You'll want to start at the SMNTY shop first to fulfill all your friends' C&C wishes, of course. But there's oh-so much more out there!

For the Wall

There seriously is an endless amount of lady-laden art out there. You can choose from art by women, for women, about women, featuring women - but here are a few favorites.

Michelle Tavares inked a lovely and kid-room-friendly role model set featuring trailblazers Rosa Parks and Rosalind Franklin. Catherine and Sarah Satrun created an all-inclusive Wonder Woman print. And over at Michelle Scott's dothandmade shop, you can find a few prints featuring fantastic typography and feminist-minded sayings ("Patriarchy has no gender"? "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people"? Yes, please and thank you).

New Threads

Help your friends wear their feminist pride on their sleeves. Maybe they're in a STEM field? Or perhaps they like a good play on words. And you can even get your nieces and nephews in on the game: Taproot's "Feminism is Freedom" shirt is available in youth sizes.

For your friends who are up on their politics, show them you care by stuffing their stocking with a Notorious RBG shirt. Speaking of which, Justice Ginsburg has popped up on a bunch of shirts we would totally wear, including this, this and this. And remember that trend of ironic misandry earlier this year? You and your friends can sport the slogan to the gym as you make good on your New Year's resolutions.

Snuggles and cuddles

Who said plush toys have to be "stuffed animals"? Why not an adorable stuffed internal organ? I Heart Guts offers a multitude of organs to cuddle with, but their smiling ovary and wondrous womb are SMNTY approved.

And if you're going to be buying plush reproductive organs, they should probably have a little bit of personality. Organbank has created the Dorothy, Blanche and Rose Uterus and Ovaries as an ode to the Golden Girls. And Jessica Marie of VulvaLoveLovely has combined two things we love into one: a Rosie the Riveter plush uterus. Jessica Marie also makes it easy to shop for your nap-loving friends with her giant, fluffy, pillow-sized uterus. But the giant plush that's right on the button is SetzerStudioArts' giant clitoris. Who needs some regular ol' throw pillow when you can rest your head on cuddly bits of anatomy?

For those not into the whole reproductive organ thing, don't despair: I found feminist teddy bears, lady sailors and even STEM heroine Marie Curie.

Small Sparklies

Personally, I prefer the small stuff like earrings, necklaces and pins- and hoo boy, do I have a lot to choose from. For friends. Totally for gifts for my friends. Definitely not for myself.

Your loved one can declare him- or herself a feminist with pieces from Modern Girl Blitz. Take a gander at her Venus-symbol earrings, feminist-banner necklace or even her patriarchy-smashing brooch. Is sterling silver more your friend's speed? Head over to Auberg Designs and check out her silhouette necklaces featuring STEM pioneers like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper. Lia Lane has brooches with feminist attitude -- not to mention necklaces with Daria characters. And in case you thought I was straying too far from those reproductive organs, Callie Garp has created a uterus necklace that can come with a personalized note -- you know, because you're giving these things away as gifts.

All the Swag

If you're just looking for some feminist-leaning stocking stuffers, the Internet is your oyster. Pick up a bumper sticker for the smart-and-sexy lady in your life. Stock up on feminist sloth stickers. Or deck the halls with a heart-shaped RBG ornament.

And the mugs. Oh, the mugs! There's a handmade mug featuring RBG, of course. And our friends at Bitch magazine have sets of mugs like the "Adventures in Feministory" foursome, featuring a slew of impressive ladies.

If your pal likes to decorate, you can't go wrong with paper products! Grace D. Chin's flower wreaths sport heartwarming slogans like "Feminism is for everybody" and "All bodies are good bodies." One of my personal favorite decorations is UnicornParadeShop's "Feminist Killjoy" banner, which comes in nearly every color of the rainbow.

More Ideas?

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