Best of 2014: Men Edition

Listener: Grace Recommended podcast episode: "Star Trek: The Original Series, 'The Paradise Syndrome'" Podcast: Metis in Space Related SMNTY episode: "Pocahontas and the Indian Princess Myth" If you're interested in hearing some further deconstruction of white (and usually male) depictions of Native American women, I would recommend checking out the podcast Metis in Space. The two hosts are Metis women who look at the portrayal of indigeneity in the genre of sci-fi (mostly television). Their episode on the "Star Trek" original series episode "The Paradise Syndrome" is a great place to start (Kirk becoming "Indian" and having an Indian woman fall madly in love with him? Their take-down of this is amazing). Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Despite the fact that our swag tagline is "Hey, Ladies!" we're no strangers to men-centric issues.

This year, we focused on parenting -- and stereotypes -- in our episodes on mama's boys and single dads.

We looked into the cultures of fraternities, coffee lovers and car fanatics.

And we turned our attention to the issue of body image with an episode on male grooming -- because advertisers aren't just playing on women's insecurities to sell more products.

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