Best of 2014: Podcasts Ripped From Our Twitter Feeds

Cristen Conger


This year on Stuff Mom Never Told You, we covered a number of topics -- sometimes intentionally, other times not -- that generated active, hashtag-generating and contentious conversations on our Twitter feeds. Our two-parter on women and video games could've doubled as a backgrounder on Gamergate and the simultaneous rise and vitriolic reaction to Anita Sarkeesian, for instance. The massive celebrity nude photo hack had us listening back to our earlier episode on this type of so-called "cyber rape." And when the video of Ray Rice beating his then-fiance sparked a national conversation about domestic violence, we examined the cycle of intimate partner violence and how those relationship dynamics are often perceived inaccurately.

Oh, and there was that podcast about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg whose withering dissents this past year elevated her to meme status.

For a look back at the Best of Stuff Mom Never Told You 2014 episodes ripped from the social media headlines, we've rounded all of them up for your listening ease here.