Life According to Cosmo: Cosmo Content vs. Ads

Cristen Conger

Listener Scott pointed out that it might be hard for me to live the Cosmo life because the amount of full-page ads in the ladymag probably drowns out any legitimate copy. Of course print relies on advertising to create a product, and the more they can sell, the thicker the final product. Which could lead me into a well-worn discussion on advertising crisis that's choking out print media, but I'll spare us all since it's Friday - and a holiday Friday at that!

So Scott (and anyone else who's interested), here's your answer:

A whopping 98 out of the 236 pages are full-page ads in the July Cosmo, which works out to about 41.5 percent of the pages.

For comparison, I grabbed a few other magazines lying around my house:

• InStyle: 51 percent ads

• Dwell: 39.7 percent ads

• The Atlantic: 31 percent ads

• Smithsonian: 16.3 percent ads

And speaking of the holiday weekend, I'll have just enough days to try out Cosmo's three "Styles That'll Flatter (My) Bod." Finally.

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