STEM Women Hall of Fame:  The Mother of Electronic Music

Arguably the mother of electronic music, Daphne Oram co-founded and directed the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, one of the most famous electronic music studios ever. And though her abstract sounds might not please all ears, Oram's persistent passion for making her namesake noise and building her own synthesizers is a timeless lesson of a woman fighting to do what she loves.

30 Badass Women Born in June

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25 Mothers Around the World

It doesn't matter whether women are called "mother," "mam," "madre," or whatever the appropriate maternal translation might be, these stunning images of motherhood around the world, from Syria to Sweden to Sudan, show how the common bond of mother and child transcends language, cultures and geographic boundaries.

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13 Wondrous Whipstresses

The fascination with dominant women and flagellation is nothing new. In our episodes on BDSM and dominatrices, we mentioned Victorian "fladge porn," but the fascination with women and whipping stretches back way earlier. Take a look at whipstress imagery from 14th-century Italy all the way through 20th-century Hollywood.

7 Queens Who Fought to Rule

From Boudica to Lili'oukalani, these queens were royal female forces to be reckoned with.

Women's Work: Construction

Despite the stereotype of construction being men's-only work, women are just as capable of working on building sites as men. But when it comes to women entering the workforce, the construction industry is an outlier: While other male-dominated industries have attracted more women over the decades, the numbers in construction have long stagnated. As the construction industry rebounds from the recession, it could use women workers more than ever before -- and here's a round up of photos to prove we're up to the job.

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15 Women Astronomers You Should Know

As a follow-up to our "Stargazers" two-parter, here's a closer look at some of the shining stars in the fascinating history of women in astronomy.