Italian Region Introduces Payoffs to Prevent Abortions

Cristen Conger

Newswires report that the Lombardy region in Italy, which includes the capital city Milan, has passed a measure that will provide payouts to low-income pregnant women considering abortions who change their minds. The government has framed the measure as a way to help out cash-strapped pregnant women who wish to have a baby, although they can't even access the funding until they're actually in the abortion clinic having a consultation. Which makes it seem like the political move is more a means of dissuading women from having abortions rather than providing more family planning options, regardless of income.

So how much will a woman receive if she decides against an abortion? Just over 4,500 euros, or $5,500 stretched over the course of 18 months. Now, don't ask me the average price of having a kid in Lombardy, but the low-balls the cost of an American baby's first year at around $9,100, indicating that the government check probably won't take mother and child too far. If the Lombardy government wants to make a woman's decision about having a baby easier, making birth control more available might be more effective than cutting meager checks.

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