LA Times Lends a Double Meaning to "Support"

Cristen Conger

Molly and I often dissect women- and gender-related topics down to their most granular details on Stuff Mom Never Told You. But we also try to maintain a sense of humor while studying and analyzing cultural portrayals of women, and sometimes we've just gotta look and laugh at certain slip-ups like this visual pun from the LA Times.

Get it? The "support" headline next to a bra ad? Makes you wonder what those Korean soldiers are peering at through their binoculars...

So thanks to listener Mark for sending us this double entendré page layout from the LA Times newspaper (as in the actual printed paper, as opposed to the Web site...remember those things?). He sent us the photo after listening to our recent episode on the cultural implications of women's cleavage in light of the recent Boobquake event and Lane Bryant TV advertising controversy.

Give it a listen here.

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