Life According to Cosmo: Taking Cosmo Dares

Cristen Conger

The quintessential Cosmo reader is supposed to be fun and fearless, which is perhaps why the magazine insists on daring women to complete a laundry list of somewhat ridiculous tasks. July's "20 Dares to Take On After Dark" involve everything from quite sane suggestion to share more about yourself to a romantic partner (which Cosmo naturally assumes you have) to the outright bizarre idea of yelling at someone you dislike on the phone - in the dark! Huh.

Since all but four of the 20 after-dark dares involved underwear, some form of nudity, having a boyfriend or a combination of all three, I decided to take Cosmo up on number 17:

"Haven't tried yet? Dim the overhead light, and start clicking. Hey, you never know who may pop up to chat with."

In fact, I hadn't tried Chatroulette before so on Saturday night, some friends and I gathered around a laptop and did Cosmo as directed and clicked.

Then recoiled.

And gasped.

For those who have been living under the same rock as me and haven't visited the video networking site, Chatroulette on a Saturday night isn't the most PG activity. It was essentially like watching snippets of other people performing those off-limits Cosmo dares I skipped over, which is maybe why those sneaky editors included the suggestion in the list. We did land on a pleasant group of pals hanging out in San Francisco and we talked for a minute, but then they Next-ed us, and the gasping commenced anew.

The short-lived Chatroulette session sapped our energy for the follow-up Cosmo dare: truth or the dark. In that case, maybe I should've just stayed in, turned off the lights in my bathroom and made that screaming phone call. Only Cosmo also assumed that in addition to having a hunk boyfriend to spoon-feed ice cream in a black hole somewhere, I'd also have someone I've wanted to mindlessly insult for a while. And realizing that I don't isn't a half bad pick-me-up.

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