MomStuff Listener Nominates Himself to Be First Male Guest

Cristen Conger

Jon Hamm is welcome on MomStuff any day. (Michael Caulfied/Getty Images)

You know why I love Stuff Mom Never Told You so stinking much? Our listeners. Not only are y'all whip-smart and keep Molly and me on our toes, but you brighten our days with wonderful emails.

Case in point: today's email from a male listener who nominated himself to be our first male guest. Molly and I haven't intentionally not invited men on the show, it's just how the eggs have cracked over the past 200+ podcasts.

So when listener Branden wrote telling us that he should be our first guy expert, I asked him to tell me why we should consider him. And he did! With a list, no less!

He writes:

1. I support you singing in every podcast

2. I LOVE empirical data and, although I often get spanked for appearing to think in black and white, my mind is always open to change if new and CREDIBLE data is presented

3. I'm an EXCELLENT listener and think quickly on my feet which is important for an "off the cuff" conversation.

4. I bring new and sometimes unconventional perspectives to a conversation.

5. I've not yet found a topic I'm unwilling to discuss (and people have tried really hard to find one).

6. I think I can bring perspectives to the conversation that will make YOU think.

7. I'm not a follower of Helen Fisher but my friend and I have been developing our own related theories and, more specifically, the future of marriage in our society.

8. I don't shy away from controversy

9. I'm wiling to try it even if you don't use it

Not bad, Branden. Not bad.

Anyone who's OK with my singing in public is OK by me.

Thanks for being so awesome, MomStuff listeners. And more importantly, thanks for listening!

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