5 Podcasts to Raise Sexual Assault Awareness

Cristen Conger

Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz carries her mattress in protest of the school not expelling her alleged rapist. Getty Images

Since April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, we're highlighting five Stuff Mom Never Told You episodes to help listeners (and whomever they share this with!) understand not only statistics, but also the legal history, cultural complications and gendered nature of rape and sexual assault past and present. Though difficult and sometimes uncomfortable topics to discuss, educating ourselves and others is a crucial step to destigmatizing sexual assault survival and eradicating this violent crime of power, not passion.

1. A Brief History of Rape

In part one of a two-part series examining rape and sexual assault, Cristen and Caroline look at the legal evolution of the crime of rape and how civil rights and women's rights reformers fought to eradicate longstanding patterns of victim-blaming.

2. Does rape culture exist?

In part two of our two-part series on rape and sexual assault, Cristen and Caroline examine the concept of rape culture and the sobering statistics of sexual assault in the United States today.

3. Can nail polish prevent rape?

Nail polish that changes color in the presence of date rape drugs is just one of many products and apps being developed to prevent rape. Cristen and Caroline parse out the pros and cons this emerging cottage industry and whether it ultimately contributes to eradicating rape or perpetuating victim-blaming.

4. The Revenge Porn Wars

Sometimes termed "cyber rape," revenge porn refers to sexually explicit images and videos non-consensually shared on the Internet. Cristen and Caroline chart the horrifying rise of revenge porn, why it happens, how it affects the victims and how the digital laws are evolving to criminalize it.

5. Slut Shaming 101

Slut shaming is one of society's favorite forms of policing female sexuality. Cristen and Caroline explore the history, science and psychology of slut shaming, and why it's often a girl-on-girl pattern.

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