Strange But True: Uncombable Hair Syndrome

Cristen Conger

Courtesy: dermaamin

That fella's fluffy hair isn't standing on end due to static electricity, rather he has what's called "spun glass hair." A nickname for Uncombable Hair Syndrome, spun glass hair is an exceedingly rare genetic condition with fewer than 100 documented cases in medical literature since it was first described in 1973. The "uncombable" fluffiness is caused by surface irregularities on the hair shaft. Only affecting scalp hair, spun glass hair also grows extra light brown or blonde, but chances are this kid's hair will flatten out once he's a teenager, as its symptoms tend to improve during adolescence.

Courtesy: dermaamin

Although it's a heritable condition sometimes linked with ectodermal dysplasia, doctors aren't entirely sure how it passes through families since it manifests sporadically. And while time, patience and a maybe some strong-hold hair gel are the most reliable cures for it, a 2007 study successfully treated the appearance of it -- as opposed to changing the hair shaft structure -- with biotin, or vitamin H (which my brain will now remember in perpetuity as vitamin Hair).

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