Cristen Conger

Study Finds Men's Most Alluring Dance Moves

It's evolutionary biology meets "Dancing with the Stars". Researchers at Northumbria University in England studied how heterosexual women responded to male dance moves and which they found most attractive. Based on the study, it's all about midsection motion rather than fancy footwork that sets hearts aflame on the dance floor.

Apparently, women like lots of torso, head and neck action, with plenty of right knee bending (since most men are right-legged) tossed in. And why do we like all that upper body gyration? Procreation, of course!

Lead researcher Nick Neave explains:

The movement of the trunk, the neck and the shoulders give out signals of strength, suppleness and vitality.

Per evolutionary biology logic, women are hard-wired to seek out those supple, vital mates who have the best genetic material to produce the best babies. Even when it's ladies night out at the dance club, we're still subconsciously seeking that perfect mate to get pregnant with. And according to Neave, men's dance moves are visible sign of their reproductive health, so, really, what better place than a fist-pumping dance party to find a future father of one's child? The cast of "Jersey Shore" probably couldn't agree more.

Neave isn't alone in this making this dance-genetics connection, either. A 2005 study from the University of Washington found a correlation between better dance skills and healthier genes. In which case, it makes sense the guys with the better bump 'n' grind attract more women because there's a decent chance they're more good looking to begin with.

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