Take a Deep Breath, Working Women

Cristen Conger

Well, that's one way to manage stress. (© 2009 Jupiterimages Corporation)

Ladies on the clock, relax. Although stress can help us get the job done, it isn't good for our bodies. Fifty-four percent of American adults report stress-related physical side effects, including headaches, nausea and high blood pressure, and 75 to 90 percent of adults' doctor visits are linked to these stress-related illnesses.

Workplace stress has been linked to poorer cardiovascular health in men, and for the first time, a 10-year study shows similar effects in women. Specifically, women who report "high stress" working conditions are at a 90 percent greater risk of heart attacks. Reporting on the findings, WebMD noted that high-stress tends to befall women lower on the workplace totem poles more than you might think. "High job stress is defined as having a demanding job, with little or no decision-making authority or opportunities to use one's skills. Gas station attendants and waitresses, among others, fall into that category..."

In case you're now feeling stressed about the health risks of stress, I recommend taking a deep breath and heading over to this handy article.

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