Top 5 Stuff Mom Never Told You Episodes to Listen to During a Breakup

Cristen Conger

The Stuff Mom Never Told You library of podcast episodes has ballooned so much in the past couple years I sometimes forget topics we've covered way back when. Simply scrolling through the lengthy MomStuff catalog on the HowStuffWorks apps (ding, ding!) is a thumb-numbing process. And new listeners jumping on board might not even realize the wealth of what we've discussed and dissected (and, yes, I am certainly including our beloved conversation about poop with said "wealth").

When you cross this much territory, it's now common for podcast topics to intersect and build on each other. I often catch myself saying, "as we talked about in previous podcast..." -- but what if listeners understandably don't know which related podcast episode to reference or how to go about hunting it down? From time to time, I'm going to start posting All-Star MomStuff playlists of five or six previously released episodes that happen to all focus around a broader topic to help break down the Stuff Mom Never Told You library into more digestible bits.

So, to kick things off, here's Top 5 Stuff Mom Never Told You Episodes to Listen to During a Breakup:

  1. Why does the sizzle fizzle? One of Molly's and my favorite episodes to research since we discovered Helen Fisher's "why-haven't-we-read-this-before?!" work on the neurology of love and attachment.
  2. Do men and women cheat for different reasons? Even if you've never come close to cheating, the science in this one should provide a brief distraction away from breakup woes.
  3. Are rebound relationships unhealthy? Everyone does it at some point, yet rebounding has such a shady reputation. Some psychologists say to go for them, though.
  4. Does living together before marriage lead to divorce? Moving in together is becoming a common step in long-term adult relationships, but some sociologists and marriage advocates say it's a trainwreck waiting to happen. Let the debate begin.
  5. Should you consider a prenup? Because let's be honest: breakups happen.

Happy listening, and if there's any all-star list topics you're interested in seeing, just shout it out in the comments below.

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