True Story: "That's Not a Tummy Ache. That's a Baby!"

Cristen Conger

Oops! It's a baby. (Nick White/Getty Images)

On the latest Stuff Mom Never Told You, Molly and I presented one of the most anxiety-inducing topics for sexually active, non-baby-wanting women out there: hanging out pregnant without even knowing it. Indeed, women can be pregnant without even knowing it, as discussed in the Discovery Health article 10 Reasons You Might Now Know You're Pregnant (Until You're in Labor).

Since it seems like such a far-fetched notion, we asked listeners to send in any real-life anecdotes. And they've been rolling into our MomStuff Inbox -- at an admittedly startling rate. So to spread the pregnancy angst around, here are a few "Oops! It's a Baby?!" true stories from listeners.

From Kristen, the case of tummy ache that turned out to be a bambino:

Right after college I became a supervisor for FAO Schwarz, working there for 2 years. During my second year one of our employees started to gain weight and behave in a very suspicious manner. Several of us - including two of my friends who were moms - repeatedly asked the girl if she was pregnant. (I know it was rude...but really, it was THAT obvious.) She denied it every single time. Low and behold, we got a call one morning that she had gone to the emergency room the night before with a bad tummy ache and surprise, surprise out came a baby!

From Chanel, a double dose of surprise babies:

Luckily I've never been unknowingly pregnant.....unless I am right now.....but I have two friends who had their first kids this way. They both went, not the full term, but around 7 months without knowing they were pregnant. Both continued to have monthly period-like bleeding, gained little to no extra weight, had no morning sickness, and no mood swings. Both were not using birth control so one of them even knew pregnancy was a possibility so that ruled out mental blocking in her case. And the other friend was told that her and her husband were both unable to even have kids (which is funny because they've now had three kids).

From Anonymous, (really) late-breaking baby news:

A friend of mine didn't know she was pregnant until 6 weeks before the delivery. She's a skinny woman with irregular periods due to her never-ending fab diets. She had 2 menstrual-like bleeding during the pregnancy, so the possibility of a bun-in-the-oven didn't even cross her mind...Until one day, she came down with flu-like symptoms. She felt tired, dizzy and was vomiting. Only after seeing the doctor the 3rd time, did he suspect she was pregnant.

Maybe we shouldn't be quite so surprised, given this tidbit from Discovery Health: "One researcher estimates that 1 in every 475 births 20 weeks or more along is the result of a denied pregnancy." So, yes, it can happen. And, yes, that's another reason to play it safe if you aren't ready or interested in motherhood.

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