Vintage Badvertising: Cigarettes Are Like Women...

Cristen Conger

Courtesy: Etsy

Did you know women are filled with tobacco and carcinogens and are a leading cause of lung cancer?

Oh, wait, wait. Silva Thins meant women are figuratively, not literally, like cigarettes (people are always confusing the two, am I right?) in that apparently we're best when thin -- likely from a cigarette-heavy diet -- and rolling in cash. Really, Silva's emphasis on wealth is pretty hilarious since it paints that cool cat in the shades smoking a Silva Thin as a groovy gent on the hunt for a sugar mama.

This vintage ad sharply contrasts Big Tobacco's go-to marketing angle toward women by positioning smokes as a tool of empowerment, rather than objectification. Two years prior to this Silva Thins gem, Virginia Slims launched its iconic "You've come a long way, baby" campaign in 1968, which attempted to bridge second-wave feminism with cigarettes. Apparently, Silva's strategy was to take things a long way backward, baby, by emphasizing how not only were cigarettes like women but they were also a great way for women to stay slim.

And for the record, neither Virginia Slims, nor Silva Thins were right; the only things cigarettes offer women are a host of potential health problems and wasted money.