Win Her Heart with...Horror Movies?

Cristen Conger

No screams allowed, boys.
No screams allowed, boys.
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Are you an average Joe hoping to woo a lovely lady just in time for Halloween couples' costumes? Good news: You don't have to be a hunk to attract the apple of your eye around Halloween because you have the perfect seasonal entertainment at your disposal.

A 1986 study* found that horror movies can make a ho-hum guy more attractive. And who can argue with romance advice from the mid-80s?

The researchers paired up teenage boys and girls and showed them scenes from slasher flicks. After, the researchers asked them to rate their reaction to the horror film and their attraction to their viewing companions. Apparently, guys go gaga when girls freak out at horror films. The male participants actually enjoyed the scary movie more when their ladyfriends shrieked at the screen. Conversely, the most stoic boys rated the most attractive to the female participants. But here's that good news I was talking about -- the ones rated as less sexually appealing by the girls before watching the movies received the biggest "hotness boost" (official scientific term coined by this author) if they didn't frighten.

Quoth the researchers: "Playing macho while watching horror movies, then, appears to be most beneficial to the appeal, sexual and otherwise, of men not equipped with an irresistible physique.

Perfect for a romantic evening in...

So if you're a guy looking to woo a Halloween honey, I highly recommend arranging screening of 1974's "Black Christmas" (not the 2006 remake). But fellas would be wise to watch it once before inviting over a woman for an inaugural viewing. It's been known to induce nightmares from personal acquaintances of mine, both male and female.

*Thanks to ScienceStuff's Robert Lamb for the link!

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