A Vintage Happy New Year

Let's perambulate through a whole mess of weird, awkward and downright bizarre vintage New Year's postcards. I have so many questions.

Who invented the Christmas card?

Americans bought around 2 billion Christmas cards in 2010, according to the Greeting Card Association. Despite women making 85 percent of greeting card purchases these days, we send and receive Christmas and holiday cards thanks to a British fellow (kind of like how men invented high heels).

5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Feminist

If you're anything like me, you still haven't done your Christmas shopping, and you're getting super anxious about it. Like, nervous-sweat anxious. I mean, what are you supposed to get for all of those amazing people in your life who've supported and ...

The Brief (and Sexist) History of Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are usually festive and stuffed with chocolate, so what's not to love? For the most part, nothing...

30 Badass Women Born in December

Movers, shakers and women's history-makers born in December.

Sexism in VFX: Q+A with Kylee Wall Pena

I recently chatted with the amazing editor Kylee Wall Pena for our episode on women in the visual effects (VFX) and post-production industries. Kylee's an outspoken advocate for women and diversity in the film industry, and she lent us some great per ...

Even More Cooking Shows

Our listeners always come through with recommendations for further reading -- and in this case, further watching. After our episodes on The Gendered Chef and Cooking Shows, you guys wrote in about the shows and chefs you never miss.

Mrs. Goodfellow's Famous Cooking School

Meet a woman who's responsible for not only passing along a love of cooking and baking to her students, but also launching the country's first enduring cooking school: Elizabeth Baker Goodfellow.

30 Badass Women Born in November

Movers, shakers and women's history makers born in November.

We Would Totally Date History's First "Girlfriend"

Meet Teena Rochfort Smith, history's first "girlfriend" and Victorian genius we would totally date.