Free the Nipple

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Why are women on social media intentionally letting their nips slip? Cristen and Caroline discuss the history and celebrity-fueled rise of the Free the Nipple movement and what bare nipples have to do with gender equality.

"Selected Press Release: Historian Reveals Janet Jackson's 'Accidental' Exposing of Her Breasts Was the Height of Fashion in the 1600s"

"The Bared Bosom in 17th and 18th Century Art"

"Has the Nipple Lost Its Shock Value?"

"Free the Fashion Nipple: A Brief History of Runway Boobs"

"The Weird, Wild Legal History of Breasts and Nipples"

"Meet the Women Behind the #FreeTheNipple Movement"

"Free the Nipple"

"#FreeTheNipple: Women in Iceland bare breasts in solidarity with trolled student"

"#FreeTheNipple: Facebook allows breast feeding photos in change to nudity and pornography policy"

"A Brief History of Celebrities Trying to Free the Nipple"

"Matt McGorry Has Joined the #FreeTheNipple Movement"

"Free the Nipple and Its Relationship to Standards of Beauty: Exploring Exclusivity in the Mammary Movement"

"Why Feminists Are Fighting a Losing Battle Over Boobs"

Topics in this Podcast: feminism, sexism, breasts, breastfeeding, Twitter, Activism