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Knitting was originally a job for the menfolk. Cristen and Caroline stitch together the mysterious history of the craft, how it transitioned to women's domestic work and how third-wave feminists reclaimed it.

Episode Sources:

"The History of Knitting Pt 1: Mysterious Origins"

"The History of Knitting Pt 2: Madonnas, Stockings and Guilds, Oh My!"

"Medieval Knitting"

"Knit Is a Feminist Issue"

"Men's Knitting: Is It the 'New Yoga'?"

"Bros and Rows: The Real History of Men Who Knit"

"Crafty Men Unwind with Knitting"

"'Vaginal Knitting' Is the New Thing in Activist Performance Art"

"When Street Art, Activism and Knitting Collide"

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Topics in this Podcast: history, women's work, crafts, Activism