Gender Based Harassment Doesn't Have to be Sexual

As more details come out about the level of ousted CBS head Les Moonves' wrongdoings, one thing is clear - gender based harassment doesn't have to be sexual.

SMNTY Classics: The Anita Hill Effect

The allegations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is reminiscent of Anita Hill's testimony in 1991. A & B revisit this case and some of the similarities. 

A Herstory of Women Pretending to be Men

Throughout history, women have pretended to be men to enter spaces where they weren't welcome. A & B discuss some of the most famous cases, and ideal-casting for the inevitable future movies about them.

Don’t Make Mac Miller’s Death About Ariana Grande

The Yoko Effect strikes again.

SMNTY Classics: #MeToo 2: Louis CK Edition

Recently, Louis C.K. made a surprise appearance at the Comedy Cellar. A & B revisit his predatory behavior. 

The Ugly Past of Cosmetic Surgery

More people than ever are electing to undergo cosmetic surgery. A & B take a look at the history of cosmetic surgery and discuss why that is and what it means.

At Home Abortions

A & B take a look at the changing laws around pill induced abortion.

SMNTY Classics: Miss, Ms., Mrs.

A & B revisit this episode to educate themselves about the difference between Miss, Ms., and Mrs.

Brett Kava-NAW?

Who is Trump's SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh? A&B try to find out. 

Women, Ambition, and Running for Office

A & B are joined by author Jo Piazza to talk about her new book and the challenges faced by women running for office.