Girl Boy Scouts?

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced they’ll be accepting girls into their program next year, to the surprise of the Girl Scouts of America. E&B unpack what this move might mean for scouting’s future.

Here's Why You're Seeing Cyntoia Brown's Tragic Story Everywhere

E&B discuss the heartbreaking story of a 16 year-old victim of sex trafficking

Role Overload: A National Crisis

Rounding out the conversation on role overload, E&B interview author and think tank policy wonk, Brigid Schulte on the national crisis that is worker overwhelm, and uncover how government can help.

The Ballad of the Hairy Feminist

A brief history of the war on pubes.

Fictional Feminists: Daria

Why everyone loves “the Misery Chick”

Role Overload: Single Ladies

Single women aren’t always included in conversations about role overload. B&E talk with writer Julia Carpenter about what this looks like for all the single ladies. Learn more about today's interview guest, Julia Carpenter, at https://www.juliaccarpenter.com/.

The Women of Walmart (and Modcloth)

Walmart owns popular "feminist" retailer ModCloth. This Black Friday, we unpack why they might not want consumers to know that.

Role Overload: Working Mothers

Continuing the conversation on role overload, E&B interview author Tiffany Dufu on working parenthood - and how she’s learned to “drop the ball” on parenting perfection.

#MeToo 2: Louis CK Edition

Louis CK apologies for years of predatory sexual behavior. E&B unpack what it means for women in comedy.

Where the f*** are the pockets on women's clothing?

E&B break down the quest for pocket equality.