SMNTY Classics: Bye Felipe

Recently, Cardi B's ex interrupted her concert to beg her to take her back, and some of her fans called 'toxic masculinity'. It has us thinking about how men handle (or don't) rejection in this classic episode.

SMNTY Classics: Hollywood's First Female Directors

You may have heard about some controversy around the Oscars lately. We throw our hat in the ring, and revisit this classic episode about the first female director of Hollywood.

Problematic Fave: Lena Dunham

In the return of this segment, A & B discuss why Lena Dunham is always trending for all the wrong reasons on Twitter.

SMNTY Classics: Gymnastics Gold

As USA Gymnastics declares bankruptcy, we look back at the talented gymnasts representing the US in this classic episode.

SMNTY Classics: The Women Behind Santa

Tis the season for giving, sharing meals with loved ones, and forgetting Mrs. Claus exists. No more!

Women in Comedy

Beth Newell, the co-founder of Reductress, shares the funny and not so funny of being a woman in comedy.

SMNTY Classics: The Gendered Chef

How did chef get to be a 'man's job', and how is that changing? Find out in this classic episode.

SMNTY Classics: Rom Coms 101

Rom coms were invented thanks to Hollywood censorship. Give yourself the gift of a crash course on Rom Coms in this classic episode.

Much Ado About Burnout

Alison Green from Ask A Manager stops by to discuss all things burnout, and advises you to take a vacation.

SMNTY Classics: Why are women true crime's bloodthirstiest fans?

Whether in print or on television, true crime draws its largest audience from women. We investigate why in this classic episode.