Skyrocketing Suicide Among Women Vets

Women veterans are taking their own lives at staggering rates, according to the latest research from the VA. E&B take a closer look at the numbers to better understand the problem - and possible solutions.

The Surprising Benefits of Journaling

Do you know the many mental health benefits of journaling? With journals on the rise, B&E talk with Buzzfeed's Rachel Wilkerson Miller to discuss what makes journals so beneficial.

Pregnant in Prison

How should we be treating imprisoned pregnant women? Perhaps we could start by not shackling them to the hospital bed during labor.

Problematic Faves: Judge Judy

Are you a fan of someone...even though you KNOW their record on feminist issues isn't exactly stellar? Today we're introducing a series profiling women we love, imperfections and all. First up? The queen of courtroom TV: Judge Judy.

Silicon Valley Sexism, Pt 2

E&B continue the conversation on why the tech world can be so hostile towards women - and what's being done about it.

Silicon Valley Sexism, Pt 1

Women continue to be drastically underrepresented in tech and are leaving the field at TWICE the rate of their male-identifying coworkers. E&B break down why this relatively young industry has a seriously old-school gender problem.

The Problem With a Pinterest-Perfect Life

What happens when we strive for social media perfection in lieu of IRL connection? E&B unpack the problems with the quest for online "effortless chic" and how to flip the script.

Women and the Trades

Women are underrepresented in trades like autoworking, plumbing, and welding. E&B unpack what can be done to increase representation of women in these critical fields.

The Forgotten Black Women of Punk Rock

Punk rock is often thought of as a "white thing" even though it's always had roots in Black communities. Self-proclaimed riot girl, Bridget, walks us through her favorite artists and together explore the erasure of black women in punk.

Women & White Supremacy

The display of white supremacy and neo-Nazism in Charlottesville demands a conversation on women's roles in perpetuating systems of oppression. E&B break things down with the help of journalist Laura Smith and entrepreneur/activist Marissa Jenae Johnson.