Role Overload: Working Daughters

In the start of a new miniseries on role overload, E&B interview author Liz O’Donnell to explore the trade-offs women face when juggling a career with caring for aging parents.

Problematic Faves: Taylor Swift

Bridget and Emilie are joined by Refinery29's Elisa Kreisinger to talk through Taylor Swift's talent, influence, and feminism.


The origins of the viral anti sexual harassment campaign

Arrested For Braiding Hair?

If you’ve listened to our episode on "feminist hair," you already know hair is a sensitive issue, particularly for Black women, who are often policed for hair choices. Today B&E unpack a legal battle over braid shop licensing that you won't believe.

Motorcycle Mavens

Ana Carrasco recently became the first woman to win a world championship motorcycle race, sparking a conversation about the rising numbers of women riding motorcycles for sport and leisure. E&B look at the future, present, and past of women who ride.

Campus Sexual Assault & Title IX

Should student victims be asked to "mediate" with their rapists? That's what the latest guidelines passed down from the Department of Education, led by Betsy DeVos, suggest. E&B break the latest developments down.

The F*** Off Fund

Almost 70% of millennial women have experienced financial abuse. In today’s episode, E&B interview financial educator Tonya Rapley to break down the importance of the f*** off fund.

Are Men Messier Than Women?

Are men actually messier than women? Or is that just some sexist stereotype? E&B break down the surprising research behind who makes more "ew."

Skyrocketing Suicide Among Women Vets

Women veterans are taking their own lives at staggering rates, according to the latest research from the VA. E&B take a closer look at the numbers to better understand the problem - and possible solutions.

The Surprising Benefits of Journaling

Do you know the many mental health benefits of journaling? With journals on the rise, B&E talk with Buzzfeed's Rachel Wilkerson Miller to discuss what makes journals so beneficial.