Classic Episode: Women of a Certain Age

Are certain societal hangups about women of a certain age timeless? Cristen and Caroline take a look at why many women describe aging as a process of gradually becoming invisible.

Saggy Boob Science

Breast ptosis -- the fancy name for sag -- has way more to do with aging and genetics than gravitiy. Cristen and Caroline explore what's "normal" in in the boob realm to get to the bottom of how and why boob sag happens.

Wrinkles in Time

From bathing in donkey's milk to injecting our faces with fat and neurotoxins, our wrinkle-fighting regimens have been evolving for millennia. But are those lines really worth the battle? Cristen and Caroline iron out the history of our anti-wrinkle efforts, what bad habits accelerate aging and how wrinkles affect our self-perception.


Why is egg freezing the most hotly discussed health benefit in Silicon Valley? Cristen and Caroline put the science and success rates of oocyte cryopreservation, or egg freezing, under the microscope to determine whether it really is the great workplace equalizer for women.

Stay Golden

Almost as soon as The Golden Girls premiered in 1985, it became one of the most beloved shows on television. Cristen and Caroline discuss the show's history and incredible legacy as a sitcom that wasn't afraid to tackle important issues such as aging, sexual health and even gay marriage.

Cheesecake Studies: The Golden Girls, According to Academia

As if the 15 Emmys "The Golden Girls" won over its seven-year run isn't proof enough of its pop cultural significance, academics have even stepped out of their ivory towers onto the lanai to consider the deeper meanings of cheesecake chats and exclamations of "condoms, condoms, condoms!"

16 Old Ladies Who Make Aging Look Awesome

Who says growing older can't be fit, fun and fabulous?

Connie Britton's Crowning Glory

29: The Year Women Start "Feeling Old"

I've barely dipped my toes into my late 20s, but I found out today that I'm only a few short years away from feeling old. A survey from a British funeral business, published in March, revealed that women start "feeling old" at 29 years old. We ladies don't even have to crest the 30-year mark to already start unnecessarily aging ourselves? Heaven help us.

Molly and Cristen discuss the phenomenon of dieting -- from early "fad" diets to a possible link between dieting and aging -- in this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You.