Craft Beer Brewsters

Along with the rise of craft beer has come the revival of women brewmasters who challenge the stereotype of beer as a man's drink. Caroline and Cristen chart the ancient history and return of women to craft beer brewing.

The SMNTY Index: Women & Booze

In the late 1990s, bartender Toby Cecchini (allegedly) invented the Cosmopolitan, the most stereotypically girly cocktail a lady can order. But the history and consumption of alcohol by women is far more complex than a frothy pink drink in a martini glass.

Drunkorexia Starves for a Drink

Despite the verbal play on anorexia, drunkorexia isn't a formally recognized eating disorder, either, but it has attracted increasing attention in recent years as a legitimate public health concerns. It first made headlines in 2011 with the publication of a University of Missouri-Columbia study "examined the relationship between alcohol misuse and disordered eating, including calorie restriction and purging." Among the 16 percent of those who reported "saving" meal calories to spend on partying, three times more women than men copped to drunkorexic patterns. Those health economics didn't stop with weight concerns, either; students were also motivated to drink on an empty stomach in order to get drunk faster and save cash on alcohol purchases in the process.

Every year, a few celebrities take a trip to the Betty Ford Clinic -- but who was Betty Ford? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen explore the mainstreaming of drug/alcohol rehab programs, as well as the odds of relapsing after rehab.

Did you know that female addiction tends to "telescope," intensifying more quickly than male addiction? Doctors are just now understanding sex differences in substance abuse and addiction behaviors. Listen in to learn more about estrogen and addiction.

How the Kinsey Report Fueled Whiskey Sales

While browsing through Brenda R. Weber's study on the public discourse around Alfred Kinsey's 1953 "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" this caught my eye: "...newspaper coverage on Kinsey's volume on women not only displayed but fostered several important discursive phenomena...ranging from augmented sales of Kinsey whiskey (no direct relation) to increased audiences for evangelical denunciations of Kinsey's 'morally dangerous' report."

Nowadays, beer is widely considered to be a boy's drink -- but this wasn't always the case. Listen in as Molly and Cristen recount the history of beer and beer stereotypes.

Women Slowly Brewing Their Way Toward Beerquality

I think The Atlantic had a spy in Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast studio the other week when Molly and I were recording a very special St. Patrick's Day episode on women and beer (by popular Facebook request!). Mere days after chitchatting about the dearth of women brewing beer, this article pops up on the magazine's Web site: "Shattering Beer's Glass Ceiling: The Rise of Women Brewers".

Is there an unhealthy side effect to getting women out of the house and into the workforce? According to a Reuters report (via HuffPo), yes. Long story short: the more women work, the more women smoke cigarettes.