Designing Women

Interior design has been considered 'women's work' ever since Elsie de Wolfe became America's first famous decorator in the early 20th century. Cristen and Caroline investigate the feminization of interior design, the use of color and home decor and why 'decorator' became a dirty word in the industry.

Listener Story: Another Forgotten Woman Architect

In our Women in Architecture episode, we highlighted a few trailblazers who were making their way in the industry during an era when women were still by and large expected to be at home -- not out designing important structures around the world! Many of you chimed in with your own stories. One listener, Anna, told us about getting a surprising history lesson from her own house.

Women in Architecture

Are men better at designing buildings? Cristen and Caroline explore this question the has perplexed the architecture industry since Louise Bethune became America's first female architect in the 1870s.