A White, Marmorean Flock

Why did an exceptional group of ex-patriot, 19th-century female sculptors become known as a "white, marmorean flock"? Cristen and Caroline discuss their artistic sojourns to Italy and what it meant to be a female sculptor at that time.

The Female Nude

The female nude is a cornerstone of Western art, so how should we interpret her importance? Cristen and Caroline investigate the art history and societal significance of these mysterious unclothed muses.

50 Women in Comics You Should Know

Fifty women in comics you should know, including cartoonists, illustrators, comic book artists, web comic creators and all-around visual geniuses. Lovingly crowdsourced by Stuff Mom Never Told You fans. In alphabetical order.

Women in Comics, Part 1

In 1896, Truth magazine published the first comic strip drawn by a woman. In the first half of a two-part podcast, Cristen and Caroline trace the early history of women in comics from the origin of the newspaper comic strip to the Golden Age of Comic Books.

The DIY Craft Revival

This holiday season, more people than ever are seeking out handmade, locally-sourced gifts from the likes of Etsy. But the online marketplace is only one part of a broader crafting revival interwoven with political activism, feminism and entrepreneurial spirit.

Why is photography still a male-dominated industry? Listen in to learn more about women's roles in the history of photography, including the work of Frances Benjamin Johnston, Margaret Bourke-White, Diane Arbus and other notable female photographers.

Canadian Artist Slimming Down "Overweight" Sculptures

What do you do when a sculpture is deemed "overweight?" You put it on a diet, of course. I'm not trying to make an obtuse joke (although I fully recognize that it isn't all that funny) here. Canadian artist Geordie Lishman is having to slim down four prospective sculptures that will be installed this spring outside the Audley Recreation Centre in Ajax, Ontario, a stone's throw from Toronto.

When Molly and I discussed Guerrilla Girls on Stuff Mom Never Told You and asked listeners to send us suggestions for the best women artists out there today, we got a crash course in contemporary art education in return. Thanks to our art savvy audience, I can now name drop my way through any gallery opening like an A-plus art school grad.