Women's Tennis: From Pat Ball to Grand Slams

Among professional sports, tennis often is cited as one of the most gender equitable for female athletes. Cristen and Caroline serve up the evolution of women's tennis and the players who trailblazed the way to diversity on the court.

It's not that there are no women coaching female basketball (consider the legendary Pat Summit and others), but Title IX has more male coaches. Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore homophobia, sexism and the glass wall that coaches often run into.

How is the NFL courting female (American) football fans? Are female football fans marginalized? How is the NFL targeting football merchandise and marketing for the ladies? Join Caroline and Cristen to learn more.

Who invented the jock strap? How do the physics of jock straps work? How many varieties of jock strap exist, and are there any alternatives? In this episode, Cristen and Caroline recount a brief history of the jock strap.

On April 16th, 1972, women were finally allowed to run in the Boston Marathon. (Amateur rules prohibited women from running until research proved that it wouldn't ruin their wombs.) Join Caroline and Cristen as they take a look at women and marathons.

Olympic women's wrestling started in 2004, and interest in the sport has grown since. Tune in as Caroline and Cristen look at the women of WWE wrestling, as well as the Cholitas, Bolivia's beloved women wrestlers,

The 2012 Summer Olympics mark the official debut of women's boxing, and fans have been waiting anxiously. In this episode, Caroline and Cristen explore the history of women's boxing, along with gender dynamics at the gym and inside the ring.

How has Title IX evolved?

Although Title IX is now associated with its impact on female athletics in educational arenas, the woman who spurred the law's passage had a different agenda. Molly and Cristen examine Title IX's origins, present and controversial future in this episode.