Swimsuit Season Lies No. 3: Boys Don't Have Body Issues

I'd wager that around 99.9 percent of "swimsuit season" anxiety perpetuated by advertising and weight-loss articles are targeted toward women and girls (Men's Health subscribers, correct me if I'm wrong here). Why? Because guys don't have to flaunt it all in a bikini, so they have no reason to be body conscious, right?

Dating Science: Bikini Season Makes Men Body-Snobby

Where did the "handsome" women go?

In 1855, PT Barnum organized America's first modern beauty pageant, which sought to crown "the handsomest ladies" of the time. Actually, an unmarried winner would receive a dowry in exchange for her lovely looks, and married gals would get diamond tiara (to wear around the home?). The language Barnum stuck out to me because it's such a contrast to how we might, say, describe the newly minted Miss USA. In Barnum's days, though,that "handsomest" descriptor had developed a striking specificity. In an excellent etymological exploration of "handsome" at The Beheld, Autumn Whitefield-Madrano reveals how:

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