Classic Episode: How Estrogen Works

Estrogen comes up ALL the time in the podcast, so what's the science behind the hormone? Does estrogen really turn women into emotional chocolate-eaters? Listen in to learn more about estrogen's myriad health benefits.

The Mothers of Gynecology

J. Marion Sims is hailed as the father of gynecology, but his legacy is tainted by his experimental surgeries on enslaved women. Cristen and Caroline contextualize Sims' controversy, diagnose medicine's racist past and honor the unsung mothers of gynecology.

Are women more passive-aggressive?

Sure, fine, whatever. What is passive aggression, and why is it associated stereotypically with women? Cristen and Caroline break down what passive aggression is, where it comes from and how it plays out among genders.

Lady Farts

Cristen and Caroline get down to the stinky science and gender differences of passing gas because, like it or not, everybody farts.

Breasts 101 with Florence Williams

Florence Williams, the author of "Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History," stops by the show to talk about the evolution of breasts, the history of breast implants and how environmental toxins are invading breast tissues.

Why is it harder to get pregnant after 35?

Women are waiting longer to have children, but when does fertility take a nosedive? Caroline and Cristen explore the science of female fertility and why 35 isn't necessarily the beginning of the end for natural conception.

How Testosterone Works

How does this muscle-building hormone act in the body? What's the relationship between testosterone and masculinity? Does testosterone fuel aggression, or the other way around? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn more about this oft-misunderstood hormone.

Why are breasts different sizes?

Are asymmetrical breasts abnormal? Is there a correlation between uneven breasts and nursing? Is there a relationship between breast asymmetry and breast cancer risk? Join Cristen and Caroline as they explore the facts about breast asymmetry.

Summer Shorts: Freckles

It's summer, and some folks are sprouting freckles left and right. But what are freckles anyway? How does sunlight produce them? Tune in to learn more about freckles, including the difference between freckles and moles.

Do human pheromones exist?

What are pheromones, exactly? Do they affect levels of attraction in humans? Listen in as Caroline and Cristen explore the science behind pheromone myths, and why pheromones don't work for humans.