Birth Control

Hormonal Birth Control Colors Women's Memories, Study Finds

A new study out from the University of California, Irvine found that hormonal contraception influences how women remember emotionally provocative events, compared to women who aren't on birth control. Specifically, naturally cycling women may retain more details about an emotional event (i.e. the type of car involved in a fatal car accident, the accident setting, etc.), whereas women taking birth control pills may better recollect central information, or the "gist" of it.

Male Birth Control: Are We There Yet?

How will male birth control work? It might not be a hypothetical question for much longer. Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the current research and latest breakthroughs in male birth control, including how it differs from female birth control.

Vintage Douching Ads and Scare Tactics, Courtesy of Zonite

In the Stuff Mom Never Told You episode on douching, Caroline and I discussed the advertising history of feminine hygiene products that revolved around scare tactics. In those early days, Lysol and Zonite pushed their wares as feminine hygiene products by convincing female consumers that if they didn't douche, their husbands would lose sexual interest.

Is semen an antidepressant?

The newest episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You tackles a question that my mama certainly never discussed with me: Does semen make you happier? And by you, I mean heterosexual women who are sexually active. Though potentially blush-inducing, Molly and I didn't cull this question from some crude bathroom humor source...

True Story: "That's Not a Tummy Ache. That's a Baby!"

Indeed, women can be pregnant without even knowing it, as discussed in the Discovery Health article 10 Reasons You Might Now Know You're Pregnant (Until You're in Labor). Since it seems like such a far-fetched notion, we asked listeners to send in any real-life anecdotes. And they've been rolling into our MomStuff Inbox -- at an admittedly startling rate.

Are European Sex Ed Campaigns More Effective?

Europe approaches sex a bit differently than the United States -- probably not a big surprise there. A Slate slideshow of American and European public sex ed and contraceptive ads demonstrates how countries abroad treat teen sex, STD prevention and condom use in a much more straightforward, honest and possibly more effective way.

A Friendly Reminder About the Pill, Periods and Pregnancy

A while ago, Molly and I talked about "Can you get pregnant on your period?" on Stuff Mom Never Told You. And in brief, yes, you can. Sometimes, ovulation and menstruation can overlap just enough to where sperm hanging around after intercourse could possibly fertilize an egg. Oops. But what about being on birth control, you ask?

Condoms have a surprisingly long and storied history, as well as lots of fun nicknames! Molly and Cristen take a detailed look at these popular prophylactics, past and present, in this episode.

In this episode, Molly and Cristen explore the Japanese subculture of "moe," which entails men forming romantic attachments to 2-D characters, and discuss how these "relationships" may be contributing to a drop in condom sales in Japan.

Planned Parenthood is a controversial organization that provides reproductive healthcare to women and men. Join Molly and Cristen as they examine Planned Parenthood's history, controversies and services in this podcast from