body image

Classic Episode: The Body Shaming Epidemic

Weight bias, also known as fat-shaming, has serious real-world impacts on overweight and obese women. Now, thin women are making their voices heard about so-called "skinny shaming" as well. Cristen and Caroline discuss the harmful spectrum of body shaming and what women can do to stop it.

Wrinkles in Time

From bathing in donkey's milk to injecting our faces with fat and neurotoxins, our wrinkle-fighting regimens have been evolving for millennia. But are those lines really worth the battle? Cristen and Caroline iron out the history of our anti-wrinkle efforts, what bad habits accelerate aging and how wrinkles affect our self-perception.

YouTube Beauty Gurus

If you ask a young girl who her beauty idol is, chances are, she'll name one of the mega-famous YouTube stars who make a living putting on makeup in front of the camera. Cristen and Caroline take a look at the women -- and men -- who just might be changing the digital beauty game with the stroke of a blush brush.

Girls Who Lift

Why are many women scared of weightlifting? Cristen and Caroline flex the gendered history of women lifting heavy things and debunk the myth that girls who lift will bulk up.

Rowdy Ronda

Ronda "Rowdy" Rousey is the world's most successful women's MMA fighter and has even been called a feminist icon. Cristen and Caroline discuss her judo-fueled rise to fighting fame and why she's attracted feminist adoration and scrutiny.

Waist Training

Women across Instagram are wearing corsets while they work out. No really. Cristen and Caroline take on the waist training exercise fad by consulting corset history, waist training-wary doctors and studies suggesting shapewear should be worn with caution.

Dad Bods

Dad bods broke the Internet in spring 2015. How did a college nickname for a beer-swilling physique spark a national debate about body image and mom bods?

Pinup Girls

During World War II, pinups were the ultimate American sex symbols. Cristen and Caroline discuss the history and evolution of pinups, female pinup artists and why some women consider pinup fashion and imagery empowering today.

The Baby Weight-Loss Race

Celebrities' post-childbirth weight loss has become a standard feature of tabloids. Cristen and Caroline examine our collective fixation on these new moms' bodies and how it skews non-celebrity perceptions on how women should expect to look after they're done expecting.

Baby Bumps

In 2002, tabloid editor Bonnie Fuller coined the term "bump watch" that stoked our pop cultural obsession with celebrity pregnancies. Cristen and Caroline discuss why we care about famous people's uteruses and how the Hollywood bump watch influences non-celebrity pregnancies and female body image.