Why can't women go topless?

18 Breast-Unfriendliest Bras

Breasts by the Numbers

A numerical smorgasbord of Stuff Mom Never Told You-curated facts and stats all about breasts and bras.

The Designer Who Unlaced Women From Corsets

A few weeks ago, the Internet was atwitter with a preliminary study finding out of France that bras correlate to sagging breasts over time (and meanwhile, we've apparently all forgotten about the the most powerful culprit of sagging breasts: gravity). Ever since the 14th century, people have experimented with various kinds of brassiere designs to reign in pesky female breasts, help clothes lay smooth and, yes, supply some extra perk to the chest region. But it wasn't until the 20th century that women began to don bras en masse, thanks in part to the couture contributions of French designer Paul Poiret, whom I bet would be scandalized at the thought of fashionable women eschewing undergarments.

America's Preeminent Post-Mastectomy Tattoo Artist

Philadelphia-based tattoo artist Vinnie Myers only inks one kind of tattoo these days. Seeing at least three clients per day, Myers keeps busy tattooing incredibly life-like nipples on post-mastectomy patients' breasts...

LA Times Lends a Double Meaning to "Support"

Molly and I often dissect women- and gender-related topics down to their most granular details on Stuff Mom Never Told You. But we also try to maintain a sense of humor while studying and analyzing cultural portrayals of women, and sometimes we've just gotta look and laugh at certain slip-ups.