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Classic Episode: The Breast Cancer Gene

After Angelina Jolie announced her preventive mastectomy, more women requested breast cancer gene testing. Caroline and Cristen explore the science, statistics and Supreme Court ruling regarding the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

11 Stunning Mastectomy Tattoos

Mastectomy Tattoos

In recent years, tattoos have become a common part of breast cancer recovery. Beginning with a brief refresher on the history of women and ink, Cristen and Caroline discuss the different ways tattoos are providing new and empowering choices for women who've undergone mastectomies.

Breasts 101 with Florence Williams

Florence Williams, the author of "Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History," stops by the show to talk about the evolution of breasts, the history of breast implants and how environmental toxins are invading breast tissues.

The Neurologist Who Figured Out Familial Breast Cancer

There's a spot in the human brain named for Pierre Paul Broca, and if you're reading this post out loud, you're using it. Discovered by the French neurologist in 1861, Broca's area is a cluster of neurons responsible for speech formation. Then, in 1866, Broca described familial breast cancer for the first time in medical history based on 10 cases of breast cancer that occurred across four generations of his wife's family.

Nipple-Darkening Tattoos Are Britain's New "Beauty Craze"

First came vajazzling, with women (and some men) paying aestheticians to glue crystals around their pubic area, much to doctors' chagrin. Now, The Telegraph reports that women in the UK are getting temporary nipple tattoos to darken the areola -- sometimes in addition to breast augmentations. Since the tattoo ink fades over time, these nipple tattoos only last up to 18 months before they need retouching. Nevertheless, they aren't cheap. To darken both nipples can cost more than $1,800.

America's Preeminent Post-Mastectomy Tattoo Artist

Philadelphia-based tattoo artist Vinnie Myers only inks one kind of tattoo these days. Seeing at least three clients per day, Myers keeps busy tattooing incredibly life-like nipples on post-mastectomy patients' breasts...

Researchers have reached conflicting findings about the potential health impacts of soy phytoestrogens, including the relationship between soy, breast cancer and testosterone. But what does it all mean? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn more about soy.

Don't Think Pink for Breast Cancer

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month doesn't take place until October, when the pink and Halloween orange will duke it out for color supremacy (I'd put my cash on pink, FYI), but new research (via Forbes) indicates that it's time to rethink pink.

Judge Rules Against Breast Cancer Gene Patent

Stuff Mom Never Told You listeners from way back when might remember a podcast on breast cancer genes known as BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. (The episode is entitled "Why is there a patent on the breast cancer genes?" if you'd like to give it a listen). Having a mutation in either of those genes significantly increases a person's risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.