Free the Nipple

Why are women on social media intentionally letting their nips slip? Cristen and Caroline discuss the history and celebrity-fueled rise of the Free the Nipple movement and what bare nipples have to do with gender equality.

The Baby Weight-Loss Race

Celebrities' post-childbirth weight loss has become a standard feature of tabloids. Cristen and Caroline examine our collective fixation on these new moms' bodies and how it skews non-celebrity perceptions on how women should expect to look after they're done expecting.

What does human breast milk taste like?

In "Should women donate their breast milk?", Molly and I chat about what women do with excess breast milk they can't use. That inevitably led us to a mention the Baby Gaga ice cream that made a media splash earlier this year. The Icreamists shop in London sold breast milk-flavored ice cream for a whopping $22 per serving, due to that special ingredient that came from around 15 women selling their breast milk online.

While some mothers throw away extra breast milk, there are tons of other options. Breast milk banks test donors and sell bottled milk to hospitals. Other women prefer to donate it to someone in their community or sell it on the web. Tune in to learn more.

Does breastfeeding make better babies?

To breastfeed or not to breastfeed? That is the question. Join Molly and Cristen as they sift through numerous studies and anecdotal information in search of the answer in this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You.