Why do we call breasts "boobs"?

18 Breast-Unfriendliest Bras

Mardi Gras Women

When people think of women and Mardi Gras, they probably imagine bare breasts and beads -- but that's certainly not the extent of women's participation in the Fat Tuesday fest. Cristen and Caroline laissez les podcast bon temps rouler in this parade of gender, race and class at Mardi Gras.

How much do boobs sweat?

Breasts by the Numbers

A numerical smorgasbord of Stuff Mom Never Told You-curated facts and stats all about breasts and bras.

Breasts 101 with Florence Williams

Florence Williams, the author of "Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History," stops by the show to talk about the evolution of breasts, the history of breast implants and how environmental toxins are invading breast tissues.

Confronting Cameroon's Hush-Hush Tradition of Breast "Ironing"

Before 2006, there wasn't a widely accepted term for the West African tradition of forcibly flattening young girls' budding breasts in the hopes of averting sexual advances and teen pregnancies. That year, the German non-governmental organization Association for International Cooperation (GTZ) made public the tradition of breast "ironing" common in parts of Cameroon, as well as as other African nations, including Nigeria, Togo, Republic of Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire and South Africa...

Why are breasts different sizes?

Are asymmetrical breasts abnormal? Is there a correlation between uneven breasts and nursing? Is there a relationship between breast asymmetry and breast cancer risk? Join Cristen and Caroline as they explore the facts about breast asymmetry.

LA Times Lends a Double Meaning to "Support"

Molly and I often dissect women- and gender-related topics down to their most granular details on Stuff Mom Never Told You. But we also try to maintain a sense of humor while studying and analyzing cultural portrayals of women, and sometimes we've just gotta look and laugh at certain slip-ups.

There's been a lot of breast-related news lately, from a controversial bra ad to a popular Internet meme. What's the big deal about boobs? Molly and Cristen explore the history, politics and symbolism of breasts in this episode.