Classic Episode: Is catcalling harassment?

Why do some men yell at women on the street? Cristen and Caroline discuss why catcalling happens and women's century-long fight against street harassment.

How Wall Street's Original Joan Holloway Inspired Second-Wave Feminist Protests

Sixty years later as Women's Liberation was going full throttle, the anti-catcall tactic was less eye gouging and more man heckling with ogle-ins, like sit-ins with wolf whistles.

What Happens When a Man Gets Catcalled

What happens when a man gets catcalled? He gets angry, disgusted and even hostile toward the catcaller; in other words, he experiences the storm of negative emotions and disturbing sense of vulnerability many women experience every time they step foot on a sidewalk.

Facebook Poll: Are Catcalls Compliments? It Depends...

In recent years, organizations such as Hollaback! have launched campaigns to stop this female-targeted street harassment and educate men about why these public displays of attraction/lust/leering can make women uncomfortable and potential endanger us physically. But the results of our informal Facebook poll also indicate that not all catcalls are created and received equally.