28 Badass Women Born in May

Past and present movers, shakers and women's history makers born in May.

30 Badass Women Born in September

Movers, shakers and women's history-makers born in September.

The Baby Weight-Loss Race

Celebrities' post-childbirth weight loss has become a standard feature of tabloids. Cristen and Caroline examine our collective fixation on these new moms' bodies and how it skews non-celebrity perceptions on how women should expect to look after they're done expecting.

Baby Bumps

In 2002, tabloid editor Bonnie Fuller coined the term "bump watch" that stoked our pop cultural obsession with celebrity pregnancies. Cristen and Caroline discuss why we care about famous people's uteruses and how the Hollywood bump watch influences non-celebrity pregnancies and female body image.

A Scandalous History of Hollywood Gossip

Celebrity studies PhD and new Buzzfeed features writer Anne Helen Petersen stops by the show to talk about the rise of Hollywood scandal, female stars, celebrity gossip and feminism.

The Ballad of Dolly Parton

To celebrate her January 19 birthday, Cristen and Caroline look at the incredible life of country music legend Dolly Parton and why many consider the over-the-top entertainer a feminist icon.

After more than 50 years on TV, Barbara Walters is retiring in 2014. Cristen and Caroline discuss her legacy as a pioneering female broadcast journalist and soft-news aficionado, and why TIME magazine called her the "Most Appalling Argument for Feminism."

Why are so many people fascinated by royal weddings? In this episode, Cristen and Molly explore the allure of royal weddings: Is the draw of this spectacle restricted to certain members of society? If so, why? Tune in to learn more.

Long Before Bragelina, There Was Dickenliz

But before there was Bragelina, TomKat and the rest, there was Dickenliz. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were such a captivating celebrity couple that they earned a nickname before all the others.