ChangeMAKERS: No Dream Is Off Limits

Shifting from corporate America to the New York Fire Department proved to be a major culture shock for Regina Wilson. Upon joining the force in 1999, she became the 12th African-American woman in the FDNY's history and now is the first female president of the Vulcan Society, the African-American fraternal organization founded in 1940 to combat racial discrimination among firefighters. In the final ChangeMAKERS installment, Cristen and Caroline learn about Wilson's battle against sexism and hostility -- one she wages in order to do the job she loves and bring other women and people of color along behind her.

ChangeMAKERS: See It to Be It

Dyllan McGee is one of the world's most important storytellers. Founder of the MAKERS online docuseries, McGee and creative director Sammi Leibovitz capture the often untold biographies of female trailblazers from all walks of life. In the third ChangeMAKERS installment, Cristen and Caroline hear from Dyllan and Sammi about following your passion, why no change it too small and how sharing MAKERS' stories shapes girls' futures.

ChangeMAKERS: Motivation Matters

Confidence is not a problem for U.S. women's soccer star Abby Wambach; the gender wage gap is. Recently retired, the gold medalist and top international scorer is shifting her focus from heading goals to tackling gender equality, and she's not going to let anything get in her way. In this third ChangeMAKERS installment, Cristen and Caroline talk with Wambach about learning from others, leading a team and the forces that motivate her to change the world.

ChangeMAKERS: Dignify Your Work

The director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance and one of TIME's Most Influential People, Ai Jen Poo has dedicated her life to advocating tirelessly for the rights, dignity and empowerment of women whose voices are too often silenced. In this first ChangeMAKERS installment, Cristen and Caroline talk with Poo about the role of caregivers in our society and the power women wield when they come together to make change happen.