Infertility's Global Stigma

Infertility affects million of women and men around the world, but cultural stigma has kept it in the shadows. Cristen and Caroline talk about the causes of male and female infertility, its psychological impact and why it's often a biological battle waged in silence.

Did Baby On Board signs wreck parenting?

Imagination Celebration

To celebrate World Children's Day, Cristen and Caroline explore the science of children's vivid imaginations and why our imaginations fade as we age.

Are pets the new children?

After Word War II, pets became a standard part of American homes. Now, some think that the love and money we shower on our domesticated animals constitutes pet parenting. Cristen and Caroline discuss pet attachments and how it relates to couples who are childfree-by-choice.

It's normal for kids to wet the bed, but scientists still don't know exactly why they do. Cristen and Caroline talk Freud, genetics and moisture alarms as they explore the psychology, physiology and neurology of why bedwetting happens.

Are Chinese children raised with a greater sense of family loyalty than kids in the West? Join Caroline and Cristen as they discuss Eastern parenting practices, the Chinese principle of filial piety and how family devotion affects Chinese kids' success.

What's the childhood psychology of stuffed animals and other "transitional objects"? Why do 35 percent of adults still sleep with stuffed animals? Tune in to learn more, including a brief history of the teddy bear and why the stuff possum never caught on.

Does teleworking solve the childcare issue? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the high cost of childcare for working parents & single moms, as well as how workplace childcare improves job satisfaction and business bottom lines.

There are 1.4 million child caregivers in the United States -- but what kinds of caregiving responsibilities do these kids shoulder? Listen in to learn why child caregivers are at a higher risk of asocial behavior, anxiety and depression.

Is 'baby fever' real?

Why do some women get a sudden, irrational longing for a baby? Do men get 'baby fever'? Join Cristen and Caroline as they examine the telltale signs of 'baby fever.'