Women in Architecture

Are men better at designing buildings? Cristen and Caroline explore this question the has perplexed the architecture industry since Louise Bethune became America's first female architect in the 1870s.

Are female urinals the next big thing in public bathroom design?

In breaking bathroom news: Dutch designers have come up with a 4-person female urinal. Molly blogged about porta potty alternatives for women after enduring Great Restroom Challenge that is the Bonaroo music festival. But unlike the PortaJane, "first portable restroom designed specifically 'For Women Only,'" the new Pollee urinal (via Dezeen) seats four gals at a time.

When Molly and I discussed Guerrilla Girls on Stuff Mom Never Told You and asked listeners to send us suggestions for the best women artists out there today, we got a crash course in contemporary art education in return. Thanks to our art savvy audience, I can now name drop my way through any gallery opening like an A-plus art school grad.