March for Our Lives and Gun Violence as a Feminist Issue

B revisits our ep on gun violence to give an update on the March on Our Lives.

Mass Shootings Are A Feminist Issue

Like many mass shooters, the Parkland shooter had a history of troubling behavior against women. We need to talk about it.

NASA's Hidden Computer Women

When NASA was formed in 1958, its prized pool of all-female "computers" desegregated. Until then, mathematicians of color -- including Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Katherine Johnson -- worked, ate and used the restroom in a separate facilities. Cristen and Caroline shed overdue light on Johnson and her brilliant West Computer teammates who helped launch America into space.

The Chess Queens

Chess, one of history's oldest games, is considered a man's game -- but why? Cristen and Caroline examine how the queen piece revolutionized chess and subsequently kicked women players out of the sport.

15 Old School Back-to-School Supplies

How Teaching Became Women's Work

A majority of teachers around the world are women -- why? Cristen and Caroline chart the feminization of the teaching profession and how gender at the front of the classroom affects student learning.

Are women's colleges going extinct?

Founded in the 19th century, women's colleges now dwindle in number and popularity for female scholars. Caroline and Cristen discuss the history of these all-female institutions and the pros and cons of their 21st-century existence.

Is learning cursive handwriting good for kids' brains?

... In a New York Times Room for Debate segment on cursive in the classroom, University of Southern California education professor Morgan Polikoff argued that since few adults regularly employ it and that most workplace communication is conducted via keyboard, teaching penmanship only gobbles up valuable classroom minutes. Speaking to NPR, a New Jersey school principal said bluntly, "It's just that with all the state mandates, we don't have time." Most kids are board with abandoning cursive as well, not surprisingly; in reporting on public schools' collective move away from cursive, The Wall Street Journal cited a Scholastic survey, which found that 79 percent of middle schoolers polled dislike the fancy handwriting.

Are school uniforms the magic bullet for improved learning environments? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore school dress codes, Title IX and the nature of gender identity within school dress code restrictions.

Why did ABC launch its Afterschool Specials programming? What were the hot topics in Afterschool Specials (and how did Degrassi do it better)? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn more about how Afterschool Specials addressed race, sexuality and gender.